Satisfy your sweet tooth at Kapteins!


With two kids running around the house, we know cupcakes and do we have some cupcakes for you!

Now you can enjoy delicious specialty cupcakes with your visit to Kapteins. After testing various bakers, we finally satisfied our sweet tooth by teaming up with a local baker, “Lick the Frosting”, and we couldn’t be happier. These cupcakes truly do taste as good as they look!

Come in and satisfy your sweet craving with flavors such as mocha, oreo, chocolate raspberry and almond joy as some of the favorites. Every bite of one of these creations is a joy and makes us go back for more!

All cupcake admirers, feel free to visit us at Kapteins, as we’re aiming to have these special treats here as often as possible….but hurry, the word is already out!